Santo ToneCaster 116 Bass
Santo ToneCaster 116 Bass
Full Size 4 or 5 string P-Bass Style 38" 21 fret

$999 ea

Body: 1pc southern usa swamp ash, natural hand rubbed oil clear gloss finish, 3 ply black pickguard, tummy tuck and forearm cut, upgraded neck-joint with 6 hex-drive inserts and MIL-STD machine screws Neck: Mighty Mite 4 or 5 String P-Bass style 20 fret maple or rosewood fretboard bone nut dot inlays polished and edge rounded frets large elephant ear tuners and roller string trees, Hardware:1 pc USA swamp ash natural oil finish, GFS Red Active P/J Pickup set, Black 3-ply pickguard, Black Metal knobs and high mass bass bridge. Total guitar weight 8 lbs

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