Santo Custom Guitar Build Options
Santo Custom Guitar Build Options

When you are placing your order, simply email us with your desired options. to

Neck Options

Standard (no additional cost)
Our standard neck is a licensed Fender Strat replacement neck made by Mighty Mite in WI. The neck is a 22 fret 25.5" scale with 1-11/16" nut width and compound radius fretboard 9.5" at nut and 12" at 22nd fret. Back contour is standard thin C shape. The headstock shape is modified to the Santo "S" shape. Fretboard options: maple or rosewood
Fret size options: medium jumbo or jumbo. We can stain the headstock face to match the body color at no additional cost.

Upgraded Warmoth ($100 additional cost)
We can order an upgraded neck for your guitar from
These are high quality necks available in hundreds of options. A Warmoth Pro strat unfinished neck will take about 4 weeks to deliver before we can start on your build. We encourage you to visit the Warmoth NeckBuilder tool at their website and then email us with you your desired configuration selections. We will purchase your neck for you from Warmoth. We will apply a matching oil finish to the neck and also cut the Santo "S" shape into the headstock. We can stain the headstock face to match the body color at no additional cost.

Body Options
All ToneCaster bodies are made from a single piece of USA southland swamp ash. The standard color and finish is a natural blonde oil finish but we can add a color stain. Every body is coated with 8-10 coats of hand rubbed oil and then two coats of clear gloss polyurethane. We can also stain the neck to match the body however maple will not stain as dark as ash will.

Color Stain Options (no additional cost)
Color Swatches Photo
natural blonde (no color added) - platinum blonde (white stain) - winter sunshine (light yellow)
autumn sunshine (medium yellow) - summer sunshine (bright yellow)
transparent rose (light red) - washed rose (medium red)
deep rose (dark red) - depleted cobalt (light blue)
enriched cobalt (medium blue) - radioactive cobalt (dark blue)
worn leather (light brown) - soft leather (medium brown)
rugged leather (dark brown) - light smoke (light black)
gray iron (medium black) - black diamond (dark black) - emerald green (dark green)

Body Binding
We can install black, cream or white plastic binding on the edges of the body. This is an additional cost of $150. We can install binding on top and the bottom or just the top.

Pickup Options
Our guitars can be configured with any pickups as long as we can purchase the entire set for between $100 to $150. More expensive pickups will increase the sale price of your custom build. We have had good success with GFS, EMG active pickups, Seymour Duncan Pickups and Porter Pickups. Send an email to and we will use our sources to price your pickups and let you know. We can configure all the standard styles of humbucker or single coil pickups HH, HSH, SSS, SS etc. We can do a top route with pick guard or a rear route without a pick guard. We wire all of our guitars with Orange Capacitors, CTS pots, 22 gauge cloth wiring and insulated copper shielding or black conductive paint.

Hardware Options
Any of our guitars can be built with Black, Chrome or Gold hardware. This includes tuners, bridge or tremolo, knobs, strap buttons and string trees. All rear routed guitars will have black 3ply pick guard material cover plates.

Tremolo Bridge Options
We can install any tremolo you like, we have had good success with Bigsby B5 chrome or gold (we usually pair a Schaller Roller Bridge with the Bigsby. We can also install a Floyd Rose tremolo either full floating or with a FuTone brass stop block. We have also installed Callaham Vintage tremolo bridges and Wilkinson VSVG tremolo bridges.

Hard tail Bridge Options
All of our non-tremolo builds use a Schaller high mass modern 6-saddle hard tail bridge with our proprietary string thru magnetic ferrule design.

Neck Joint
Every Santo guitar neck joint is upgraded with military grade inserts and machine screws not wood screws.